Arlo Ultra may be more suitable for you

To say that the pioneer of true wireless IP Cam, the world’s leading smart network camera brand Arlo deserves it.

Arlo Pro 2 has been upgraded to FULL HD resolution and added a three-second pre-recording function, with motion and sound detection, alarms and other functions. Provide a comprehensive monitoring program.

Arlo Ultra has been newly upgraded to a 4K HD lens and added a color night vision function to provide more detailed images and motion detection.

Arlo Pro 2 inherits the same series’s design and is divided into two parts: the base station and the lens. The base station connects to the router with a LAN cable and performs wireless transmission with the lens. It supports up to 5 lenses and provides free 7-day cloud video recording. Also, the Base Station has a built-in siren that can send out loud alarms up to 100dB.

The built-in lithium battery can be used continuously for 4 to 6 months.

The lens is a completely wireless design with a built-in 2,440mAh detachable lithium battery. There is no need to connect a power cord for wireless transmission, and the positioning is more flexible than ordinary IP Cams. It can be used continuously for 4 to 6 months with a single charge. It can be charged through the micro USB interface of the lens or can be charged by solar energy with the optional Arlo Solar Panel, which is more convenient than other battery-type wireless IP Cams. Also, the Arlo Pro 2 lens corresponds to IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof. Even if it is placed outdoors, it is not a problem.

Arlo Smart AI function can be designated to detect people, pets or cars. When an object is detected, it provides real-time response options for comprehensive monitoring and protection.

Arlo’s newly launched Audio Doorbell (wireless smart doorbell) combines remote control and two-way voice functions to replace the traditional push-button doorbell. Users can chat with visitors in real-time through the mobile app or choose to reply to messages.

If used with Arlo Pro 2 lens, it can improve safety. Also, Arlo will soon launch the world’s first 4K fully wireless smart surveillance lens-Arlo Ultra. The new lens provides a 180-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view and color night vision and adds automatic zoom and tracking functions so that users can more clearly grasp the safety of the home environment—the newly added Arlo Smart AI feature provides other advanced features, including designated detection of people, pets or cars, reducing unnecessary alarm notifications. When an object is detected, Arlo Smart will immediately send a notification to the user App, and the user can make a corresponding choice.

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