How about Samsung monitors? worth recommending

Samsung Display is used by more and more people because of its exquisite, compact, and stylish design. The first display has also successfully solved the disadvantages of traditional displays of bulkiness and high power consumption. Whether in product design, quality and function, it has already occupied the high-end market of electronic products. Next, let’s take a concrete look. What about Samsung Display? Is it worth recommending to everyone?

Will you buy Samsung monitors?

Samsung’s display uses the very popular overload frame design on the market, which can create a dual-screen display workstation, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of your friends. The increased angle of the display in the horizontal viewing angle can make the screen more reliable. The viewing angle is wider. In simple terms, it allows more people to see the content on the screen. The Samsung display is also equipped with a base that can be adjusted to rise and fall, which can adapt to the needs of different people and give you a more comfortable visual experience.

Samsung display has built-in dual stereo sound, which not only allows you to experience a very stunning visual enjoyment but also allows you to have a very comfortable listening experience. The USB interface on the monitor can be easily connected with external devices such as a mouse and keyboard, and each function can greatly improve your work efficiency. Samsung Display also uses a high-definition panel, which can truly restore true colors. The latest Samsung display product adopts a comprehensive design. Compared with the paper size, you can view more business scope and enhance the three-dimensional sense of the picture. The display has a green and blue light non-flicker screen design, which can reduce shortwave blue light. For damage to the eyeball.

Which monitor brand is better

There are many brands of monitors, but many people who buy monitors basically do not look at the parameters, because the parameters of the mainstream ordinary monitors are basically the same. Therefore, if you only want to buy a normal monitor, the brand is more important to consumers, then which brand Is the monitor better?

In fact, there is no way to give an accurate answer. Any brand has good and inferior products. Today, I will introduce better display brands based on the comprehensive factors of the word of mouth and sales.


Dell monitors have a high reputation, especially in terms of professional design. No matter what the positioning of the monitor, the overall quality is good. The E series is entry-level, the P series is professional, the U series is all-around, and of course, there are aliens. The monitor is mainly aimed at high-end gamers. In terms of entry-level, Dell’s design is quite satisfactory, relatively thick, and the display is mainly black. The only advantage is good quality.

  1. Samsung

Samsung Display has a good reputation, ranging from entry-level to high-end, especially entry-level and curved displays. If used as a home, Samsung Display is also one of the brands that can be considered. Most of the displays are ultra-thin and relatively light.

  1. AOC

AOC is TPV’s display brand. In recent years, it has been favored by many users due to its entry-level display and high-cost performance. AOC is a second-tier brand with a good reputation. The appearance of the display is relatively good. The most important thing is the low price and sales. It is also one of the best in the current market.

  1. Philips

Few people currently use this brand of monitors, which are relatively niche, because Philips monitors business has been acquired by AOC, so Philips monitors are actually AOC foundry, the brand belongs to a brand, and the price/performance ratio is good.

  1. LG

The technology is comparable to Samsung, but the overall sales are not high, mainly because of the low publicity and the low-cost performance, which is lower than Samsung, and the appearance is average. The price of entry-level monitors is basically around 1,500 yuan, which is several hundred yuan higher than AOC, Dell, and Samsung.

  1. Asus

ASUS monitors are mainly positioned for high-end e-sports. The entry-level monitors are relatively poor, cost-effective, and have a low appearance. However, in terms of e-sports, ASUS ROG monitors are very popular with gamers. If you like playing gaming games, you can choose the ASUS ROG monitor.

  1. Acer

Like ASUS, Acer has positioned its monitors in e-sports. The entry-level display is poor and sales are average. However, e-sports monitors have a better reputation. They mainly take the cost-effective route. If you want to buy an e-sports monitor but the budget is insufficient, maybe You can look at Acer’s gaming monitors.

There are actually several monitor brands, but the mainstream ones are the 7 brands mentioned in this article. If you just want to buy a cheap monitor, you can choose AOC and Dell. AOC is very cost-effective and has good looks. Dell’s entry-level monitor is also relatively cheap and the quality is absolutely good. The disadvantage is that it is not good-looking and bulky. If you want to be cheap and curved, you can choose the Samsung. Asus is the first choice for gaming monitors, followed by Acer. For professional design, it is more appropriate to choose Dell. If you have money, you can also buy Apple.

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