How to choose a watch

A wristwatch, refers to an instrument worn on the wrist to keep time/display time. The watch is usually made of leather, rubber, nylon cloth, stainless steel, and other materials to make a strap, and the “head” that displays the time is tied to the wrist.

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Here are some experiences in choosing a watch.

Look at the brand

If you buy a watch for social purposes, you must consider the awareness of the watch brand in your social circle when choosing a watch brand to reduce your own value and taste.

Look at the workmanship

The degree of polishing of the parts can indicate the grade of a watch, and the round and elegant chamfer can reflect the quality of a watch. The details of the watch dial and bracelet joint can reflect the quality of the watch. Weight is also one aspect. A good watch needs to have weight. Very light watches are often of unreliable quality. When choosing a new watch, pick it up and don’t be busy winding up the mainspring. Just wind it up slowly and let the second-hand movement. If you can walk up at one point, it proves to be sensitive and not polarized.

Mechanical watches are still quartz watches

The power source of a quartz watch is a battery. A quartz oscillator can convert electrical energy into kinetic energy to drive the watch’s hands to move. Compared with a mechanical watch that requires winding, a quartz watch only needs to replace the battery regularly, which is relatively simple. However, mechanical watches also have automatic winding. That is, the automatic winding can be realized by shaking the watch. Generally speaking, quartz watches’ service life is limited by the battery, which is relatively short. After 5-8 years of use, the quartz oscillation will decline, and the relative accuracy will be reduced. Generally, the battery needs to be replaced every 1 to 2 years; mechanical watches do not need to change the battery and regular oil maintenance. It can be used for more than 20 years without any problem.

Imported or domestically produced

Imported watches and domestic watches are different in movement, appearance, and price. Imported watches are not necessarily better than domestic ones, but some imported famous watches are of better quality, but the price is very high. The quality of domestic watches is fair, and the famous brands are better. , You should choose according to your financial ability.

Choose the right style

When choosing a watch, you need to be optimistic about the style. According to the occasion you wear it, the thickness of your wrist, the size of your weight and height, etc., the correct style can suit you better and is much more important than the watch’s value.

Optimistic about the movement

The plywood or pendulum inside the genuine watch movement is marked with the corresponding trademark sign; the movement is stable in the case assembly. The inside of the movement is clean. There is no trademark sign on the splint or pendulum of the counterfeit watch movement, or the trademark sign is rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply pasted with a small copper sheet. The movement is not clean. There are copper shavings and hair strands in some movements. , Fingerprints, etc.

Check the accuracy

As a time reading tool, the accuracy of the watch is also an important factor. The watch’s accuracy should not be too low, and it should be experimented with to avoid misreading on the hand, which is more troublesome.


As a precision instrument, the watch will inevitably encounter maintenance problems during long-term use. Even if there is no malfunction, it is necessary to clean and maintain a mechanical watch every few years. Good after-sales watches are generally free of charge for maintenance. No matter the service, a certain fee will be charged for replacement. Buying high-end watches means expensive maintenance costs in the future.

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