How to choose an electric scooter

With the improvement of the Chinese people’s economic level, more and more attention is paid to physical health, and green and environmentally friendly transportation tools are favored by people. Electric scooters are very suitable for short-distance travel.

There are many brands of electric scooters on the market. How to choose the one that suits you is the key. Choosing a good scooter can not only look good and unique but also have guaranteed quality.

How to choose an electric scooter


When riding a scooter, the pedal that has the most contact with the foot is the pedal. Therefore, the pedal is more critical. It is best to choose a scooter with a matte anti-skid pad on it, so as to avoid slipping during playing and protect personal safety. It also needs to have an excellent bearing capacity, otherwise people will bend instantly when stepping on it, and the bending of the pedal will affect the structure of the entire scooter. Not only is it not handy for people to play, but it is also dangerous. The general safety pedal can withstand 110 kg. The following weight.

Of course, wheels are prone to fall over because of the size of the wheels and the use of materials. Try to choose a wheel with a larger wheel and a softer material, so that its cushioning effect will be greater, and it will be much safer when it encounters a small ditch or uneven road surface to ensure that it will not be hurt.

Braking is the most important, it is related to human safety. The brakes are all located on the top of the rear wheel. When purchasing, you should step on with your foot to see if the brakes are flexible and free, and they should also be in the correct posture when playing.

Height adjustment

Choose a scooter that can adjust the height so that you can easily adjust its position for proper riding.

Do folding scooters occupy a lot of space? This is what many people would think of. In view of this situation, you can choose a foldable scooter so that you can fold it up when you are not playing, saving space and easy to carry.

The handlebar and the handlebar part can not be ignored, you can choose to be made of silicone material, which can prevent slippage during riding, and it is more durable than ordinary materials. And the height of the handlebar should also be paid attention to, it should be slightly lower than the human chest, not only conducive to holding the handlebar but also easier to control it. If the height is too high, it will be difficult to control, and if it is too low, you will feel tired after using it for a long time.

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