Is it useful to buy an Apple Watch

1. About battery life

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band
GPS; Retina display; Swimproof; Optical heart sensor; Stores music, podcasts, and audiobooks
New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm) - (Product) RED - Aluminum Case with (Product) RED - Sport Band
GPS model lets you take calls and reply to texts from your wrist; Measure your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor and app
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 44mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band
GPS; Always-On Retina display; 30% larger screen; Swimproof; ECG app; Electrical and optical heart sensors

Many people have a lot of doubts about Apple’s battery life. First of all, a major premise is that Apple really can’t do a few days of battery life with the ultimate user experience. But you can cut some experience features to extend battery life.

I made a simple experience, which is to separately record the remaining power when returning home to connect to the charger for three days under different devices and different screen settings. This is closer to everyone’s use scenario. It can be seen that when the screen is turned off, the power consumption of Series 5 is increased by 10-20% compared with the previous generation. After the always-on function is turned on, the battery life experience is also close to Series 4, so thanks to the power consumption control, the screen is always on without any increase in power consumption, and it does not affect the experience, so you can use it with confidence.

Experimental data (knowing when the image upload can be restored)

Apple Watch 4: 57% power remaining on the first day; 54% remaining power on the second day; 58% remaining power on the third day

Apple Watch 5 (open the screen always on): 56% remaining power on the first day; 58% remaining power on the second day; 55% remaining power on the third day

Apple Watch 5 (turn off the screen always on): the remaining power on the first day is 62%; the remaining power on the second day is 67%; the remaining power on the third day is 64%

Update on August 19

The latest news about Apple Watch6 in the Apple conference:

1. Brand new sensor

2. Brand new chip

3. The same price

4. Slightly longer battery life

5. New color scheme (blue)

Other than that, there is not much difference, it depends on WatchOS. In general, 2020 is a small year for Apple Watch, the update rate is not large, and there is already a previous generation of products without having to wait.

If you talk about whether the Apple Watch is worth buying at this juncture, you must talk about Apple Watch 5, because the models before 5 are not rich enough from the underlying hardware to the upper software.

If you are looking for getting started, I suggest getting started 3, because the price of the Apple Watch 3GPS version has dropped to about 1500, which is in the same range as the Mi Watch.

4 Compared with 3, there is an improvement, but the user perception will below, and you can start with 4 if you have a budget, but my opinion is that 3 is worth getting started. The price of 4 is still on the high side, which raises the barriers to entry.

The picture below is a comparison of 4 and 5. You can compare the differences in detail.

Supplementary connection mode: 4 and 5 are 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0

List 10 reasons why Apple Watch 5 is worth buying. This is also the answer to the question of what is the purpose of buying an Apple Watch.

Worth buying reason 1: Constant bright screen

The constant screen function makes the Apple Watch more like a real watch, allowing you to watch the time at any time, and you will never have the embarrassment of raising your wrist and the screen is not bright and you can’t see the time and date, and this screen always bright function does Will not affect the overall battery life. The appearance of the always-on function also provides users with a new imagination space-how to design the screen layout more in line with personal taste and characteristics.

Worth buying reason 2: large surface

Apple Watch has used a large surface since the 4th generation. This screen occupancy rate is very high. What are the benefits of this high screen occupancy rate — the large screen with a high screen-to-body ratio allows the entire watch to have a good design The visual impact of people feels bright. This feeling is like when we saw the sliding unlocking of Apple 4 and the full screen of iPhone X with bangs, both of them gave people a sensory impact.

The other is that the large screen operation and interaction are very friendly. Like the previous Apple Watch 3, some people who like watches often criticize that Apple Watch is still like a toy watch, which is a bit of a genius watch from the brand next door. However, the big screen from the 4th generation onwards gives people the impression that Apple Watch has reached a certain level, and the real visual impact and experience are very technological. Wearing it on your hand to match your service is not very obtrusive.

Worth buying reason 3: exercise records

For devices before the third generation, due to the lack of battery life, a watch often runs out of power after a half-day of wearing it, so the exercise record is often incomplete. But no matter 3, 4, 5 is enough to record the trajectory of the whole day in terms of endurance. What’s the use of this exercise record-it can let you know clearly what you do in a day, how far you have walked, how long you have been sitting in a chair, and how long you need to be active. And it has a game mode design inside, such as a badge you can get after a certain milestone, to further motivate you to keep moving.

Worth buying reason 4: mobile payment

My own application is Apple Pay. You can also put content such as Airbnb’s information card in this interface. At least you don’t need to turn on the phone every time to check it, which saves a lot of effort. However, there are not many application scenarios for Apple Pay at present, and small shops are still based on Alipay and WeChat.

Of course, Apple Watch 5 also supports third-party payment methods such as Alipay, JD Finance, and Yippy, which are more abundant than ordinary bracelet tools. However, it is worth complaining that the boundary between Alipay’s online payment and offline payment is very blurred. If the QR code cannot be refreshed when the network is disconnected, offline payment cannot be opened, which is puzzling. This was a software problem that day, and payment can be resolved soon.

Worth buying reason 5: One-click strap change

This is something that everyone recognizes. Unlike the hinged straps of other brands, it is really troublesome to go to the store every time you change it. Moreover, it is relatively simple to wear and match. After all, the strap is likely to be one kind of color because of troublesome replacement. So after buying Apple Watch 5, you can stock up on more interesting or customized straps. It is also quite interesting to change a meaningful strap pairing every day.

Worth buying reason 5: Bind bus card

For friends with Apple Watch⌚️, if you want to swipe the bus card on the Apple Watch, according to the past practice, you can only transfer the Apple Pay bus card on the iPhone to the Apple Watch, so that there is no bus card on the iPhone. , You can only use Apple Watch to swipe your card.

It should be noted that these two bus cards are equivalent to two physical cards, and you must swipe the same card to enter and exit the subway station.

Worth buying reason 6: health monitoring

The 18-hour battery life of Apple Watch 5 is believed that most people will choose to charge at night, but if the power supply is sufficient during the day, night sleep monitoring can be achieved. The third-party APP [Pillow]’s sleep recording is more convenient, but there is a charge for heart rate analysis. The user can set up automatic monitoring. When the Apple Watch 5 senses that the user remains stationary for a long time, it can start the detection. I personally feel that the accuracy of the recorded data is still pretty good.

ECG function: Speaking of the heart rate function, I have to mention the biggest pain of the Bank of China version of Apple Watch 5-ECG function, ECG function does not currently support the Bank of China version, but online Said that you can go to HK physically or change the local mobile phone card in Zhuhai next door to search for HK signal activation.

When using ECG monitoring, users need to use the outside sensor at the wheel. The biggest role of ECG is to monitor whether the user’s heart rate is stable and to detect atrial fibrillation or high and low heart rate problems in advance so that users can seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The function of noise detection can remind the user of the current amount of noise to avoid hearing damage. However, it will consume more power after being turned on. I personally feel that if the user is not in a high-noise environment for a long time, it can be turned off to save power.

Worth buying reason 7: enough battery life

Now the screen can maintain the display status and still can maintain 18 hours of battery life, enough to wear for a whole day, after getting off work, go to the watch to recharge, take out the next day without worrying about battery life. Of course, if you want to use the health monitoring function at night, you have to take it out and charge it for a while during the day. After all, it is an electronic device, and the battery life is strong and it is impossible to work without charging.

What are the recommended charging devices?

Twelve South charging accessories

Recommended here is Twelve South’s charging accessories, first is an Apple Watch 5 charging cable, which is more original in appearance, but more detailed in appearance.

The magnetic position adopts a PC+ABS shell, which has better heat dissipation performance. The concave design corresponds to the bumps on the bottom of Apple Watch 5, and the nylon woven zebra texture can effectively improve the abrasion and stretch resistance of the wire.

In terms of charging performance, Apple Watch can be fully charged in 2 hours, which is consistent with the original magnetic charging cable.

The above are the 7 reasons why it is worth buying Apple Watch. If you want to buy it after reading it, you can poke the small card below and send it directly.

I thought it was a chicken rib, but I didn’t expect it to be so easy to use

This should be something that many people will struggle with before buying. Is it really necessary to buy a digital watch at 2K? Add a little money at this price to buy a Tissot Le Lok. Later, if you haven’t tried it, then buy one. When I received the watch, I thought it was okay. After a week of using it… it smells so good! !!

  1. Keep exercising together!

Can I say that those three rings are a spell…especially for my obsessive-compulsive disorder, all three rings must be closed every day! !! Therefore, my treadmill has not been reduced to a clothes rail. I insisted on 45 minutes a day and controlled my diet (comrades who lose weight pay attention to it, this is very important). I lost 24 kg in 3 months. Watching the red calorie ring go happily every day, watching the daily calorie consumption is so high, I am extremely happy, let’s exercise together, I will lose another 10 pounds, hahaha!!

  1. Wake your attention and pay attention to your health

After working and studying for a long time, your attention will inevitably be distracted. Every hour you are reminded to stand up and walk, move around, and remind you to take a few deep breaths in about 2 hours. Attention can really be re-awakened, and learning efficiency is indeed improved.

Always care about heart rate and blood oxygen. The latest S6 supports blood oxygen detection function, which pays attention to your health together with the heart rate function. For example, before interviews, speeches, etc., do you really think you are not nervous? Look at your heart rate, do you think what you think is what you think? In front of the technology, it cannot be hidden. As for the heart rate function, most of the time you measure it is 99%, so I think most people will gradually forget this function after playing a few times.

However, no matter what you are, TA will always help you monitor it silently, and remind you in time when there are abnormal heart rate and blood oxygen.

  1. Make you accustomed to shouting “Hey, Siri”

Get up in the morning and cook the eggs. After turning on the fire, say to the watch, “Hey, Siri, help me set a 15-minute countdown”, and you can prepare other food.

Suddenly I remembered one thing. I didn’t need to find my phone. I raised my wrist and “Hey, Siri, remind me to do XX at X on X, X, X,” and a reminder was set.

Before going to bed, remembering that tomorrow’s alarm clock is uncertain, raise your wrist and “Hey, Siri, wake me up at X tomorrow morning”, you can sleep at ease.

Yes, you can do all these things with your mobile phone, but you can use it after you touch your pocket, unlock it, and lift your wrist directly. I believe you will fall in love with him.

  1. Your Apple Watch can make calls

When your phone is paired with the watch and within the connection range, even with the GPS version of the watch, you can use the watch to make and receive calls when there is an incoming call. Don’t underestimate this feature. When you are washing dishes, running, or working, when the phone comes, you can talk by lifting your wrist and tap the screen, instead of wiping your hands dry and frantically looking for the phone, you can also lift up The wrist said to the watch, “Hey, Siri, call XX”. You can talk easily without a mobile phone. It’s so convenient. Of course, after pairing with AirPods Pro, it is more convenient, who knows who uses it.

  1. Supporting software

I mainly use the built-in functions of the native system, and the third-party software only uses WeChat, Alipay, and Starbucks.

The watch terminal can read and reply to text messages and WeChat. The voice recognition success rate of Apple’s system is quite high. Of course, WeChat also supports direct voice response. Unfortunately, WeChat payment is not supported.

Alipay can directly show the payment code and debit credit cards or spend money directly without having to pay for the phone, which is very convenient. It also supports offline payment, but for offline payment, you must deposit the amount in Alipay first, and you cannot use credit cards or Huabei.

Starbucks can order food and accumulate small stars directly by showing the QR code, without having to pick up the phone.

Generally speaking, a lot of things can be done on the watch, and the battery of the mobile phone is obviously more durable than before.

  1. Other

(1) According to my usage, the power of the watch is just enough to charge once a day (I think I am a moderate to a heavy user), and it must be sufficient for light users.

(2) The latest watchOS7 has added a sleep monitoring function and can turn on the “sleep” mode during this period, which consumes about 8% of power in 8 hours, which is definitely worth your upgrade.

(3) By the way, apple watch can unlock your mac, um, this is very convenient.

(4) The latest upgrade also unlocks the “water-wasting” mode, and the 20-second hand-washing time depends on whether you can persist.

(5) Finally, you have just downloaded WeChat, and may not be able to send normally. You need to set it up: open settings-cellular network-WeChat-off, then turn off WeChat background, then turn on WeChat, and then turn on cellular data. Enough.

If you want to buy it, it is now recommended to go directly to S6, compare the current price of S5…There is no reason not to buy S6, in addition, the red color of S6 is really amazing! It’s totally worth trying this new color scheme!

Finally, for price-sensitive users, consider S3. After updating to watchOS7, the operation is smoother than before, so the cost performance is still very high:

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