Is PS4 Still Worth Buying in 2020

At this stage, when we talk about whether the PS4 is still worth buying, I believe many people are taking a wait-and-see view of this. Maybe many people are looking forward to the release of PS5? But if PS5 is not released this year, will you buy PS4? Is it worth buying?

The answer must be worth buying, why?

PS5 does not know when it will be released.

The real life cycle of the mainframe is 1-2 years behind the replacement cycle.

The hardware and software costs of the host were too high in the first two years.

PS5 may not be available until 2021.

Many people may ask when they started PS4, when will they be on PS5? Is this really a cosmic problem? The official listing time given before was June 12, 2020, but it was postponed for a while due to various circumstances. Although there is a lot of information about the PS5, only the official itself knows about its listing.

After several years of development, PS4 can be said to be very mature now, and it supports a lot of games. There are a large number of high-quality games, there will be no problem with game panic, not only the game experience will be very good.

Then there is the cycle of the console itself. This lagging cycle refers to about 2 years after the launch of the new product, so there is no big problem with the game or the console.

Then when it comes to the price, PS4 is not very cheap now, but it is certainly not too expensive, and there will be frequent activities, which is very worth starting.

There has been no news about the launch of PS5, so I can only say that I look forward to it. Even if they are listed, they may not be available at high prices, and will the new products have stability problems? Will there be too many expectations?

Therefore, for players, PS4 is still worth the experience, and today’s PS4 is still a very successful host.

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