Is USB Flash Drive better than Portable External Hard drive

Let me start with the conclusion:

If you don’t have much data (below 64G), you need to carry it with you, often plug and unplug, and you need to be anti-drop and anti-vibration, then choose a USB flash drive.

If the data exceeds 100G, then choose a mobile hard disk, as for solid-state disk or mechanical disk?
-Frequently plug and unplug, anti-drop and anti-vibration, carry it with you, choose solid state disk
-The amount of data is extremely large, can be restored by mistake, long-term storage does not lose data, choose mechanical disk

Read and write speed
Solid State Disk> Mechanical Disk> Ordinary U Disk

Some friends expressed disagreement with the above article, so let’s take a look

Solid State Disk> Mechanical Disk> Ordinary U Disk

Unit price per G

Ordinary U Disk> Solid State Disk> Mechanical Disk

Expand the introduction below

USB Flash Drive

The main components are:

-Interface, the one that plugs into the computer
-Main control chip, there is firmware inside, responsible for storage scheduling
-Flash memory chip, the place where data is stored, expressing 0 or 1 through the difference in voltage to store data


-Because of its low price and small size, its materials are generally not very good, so the capacity is not large, and the reading and writing speed is slow. Even if it is USB3, it may be slower than a mechanical hard disk
-Because of its small size and limited space, large-capacity U disks have higher requirements for flash memory particles, and the price may be more expensive than solid-state disks
-Because of the nature of its electric voltage storage, if it is left unused for several years, the electronics inside will be lost and the data will be lost, so it is not suitable for long-term static data backup
-Compared with mechanical disks, data recovery is more difficult and less probable
-Sudden failure without warning


-Because of its small size, it is convenient to carry, anti-fall and anti-vibration
-There is no mechanical rotation during operation, so it is more convenient to plug and unplug

Portable External Hard Drive , solid-state disk

The principle is similar to that of a USB flash drive. The storage medium is also a flash memory chip, but the reading and writing speed is extremely fast for three reasons:
-Its flash memory chips or flash memory particles generally use better materials than USB flash drives
-The most important thing is that its main control chip is better than a USB flash drive
-Cache mechanism


-Compared with mechanical disk and U disk, it has the fastest reading and writing speed
-Compared with mechanical discs, there is no precise mechanical structure, so its anti-fall and anti-vibration ability is better
-Compared with a mechanical disk, it can be inserted and removed more frequently
-Compared with a mechanical disk, it is more suitable to carry around


-Like U disk, it is not suitable for long-term static data backup
-Like a USB flash drive, data recovery is more difficult and less probable than mechanical drives
-Like a USB flash drive, failure occurs suddenly and without warning

Portable External Hard Drive, mechanical disk

Magnetic storage, with south pole and north pole representing 0 and 1;
If you disassemble and look at it, you will find that there are round discs similar to compact discs;
When energized, the disc will rotate at high speed;
It is not recommended to plug and unplug frequently. The best way is to plug it in before powering it on and unplug it after power off. Of course, you don’t have to do this deliberately.

When purchasing, pay attention that the large buffer may be shingled.


-Large space and moderate price
-Longer life when used properly
-Stable, not easy to lose data, can do data backup
-Even if you lose data, it is easier to recover
-Failures generally appear gradually, with early warning


-Compared with a solid-state disk, read and write slow
-When reading and writing, it is not recommended to move the machine at will
-It is not recommended to plug and unplug frequently

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