My Philips Hue buying experiences

The Philips hue series was released in 2012. A week ago, I received a set of 399 color bulbs plus a 2.0 converter from a fish. It can only be polished to be not the first generation nor the latest, the latest support The implanter and Bluetooth are dual-mode, the lampshade is pc, and the one in my hand only supports the implanter, the glass lampshade.

The package does not have the Bluetooth logo. As for the first generation, I don’t know. A cat shop customer service said that there are only two generations of hue, and on salted fish, there are fifth and fourth generations. No information was found on the official website. The interfaces are all e27 ports.

Philips hue lamp review: exclusive to the trench?

In short, it is neither the latest nor the oldest.

To have a better experience, I also bought a brand new hue light strip, 350+ Ocean. The light strip plug is replaceable and only equipped with domestic plugs. Hue feels stingy in taking the high-end route.

Philips hue lamp review: exclusive to the trench?

First impression: big, good workmanship.

It feels perfect and heavy. It is estimated that the heat dissipation is good. Otherwise, the life span of 15,000 hours will not be guaranteed. The shell is aluminum.

PC-side Rhythm use experience: Thanks to hue for making me jump at home in this epidemic

The effect is perfect. You can synchronize music, video, and games with computer software. That is, you can adjust the lights and make them move according to the screen of your monitor.

Music synchronization experience: It is completely possible to open a party at home without typing too many words and enjoy the video experience.

PS: Here is a reminder that the computer software is free and can be linked with Thunder Cloud and Enjie lighting, but the mobile phone’s music rhythm software is charged. The app is not cheap, except for Philips’ own control app, which is free (but not supported Music rhythm). The second is that most of the comments are unusable at all. So I didn’t try to buy the app, but the Philips official.

The demo video of the music rhythm of the mobile app is as follows:

Mobile app usage experience: In fact, it’s pretty good. The most important thing for smart homes is app interaction. This kind of thing is used frequently in daily life. If his app does not do well, it does the same as shit. It will not be used.

Philips hue lamp review: exclusive to the trench?

The interface is very refreshing, and the required functions are found in the two keystrokes, and there is no mention of crashing or freezing. With the Philips converter’s powerful functions, 50 hue series lamps can be controlled (in fact, the most scientific and technological content is on this regulator). Of course, an app is needed to classify so many lamps, which can be managed in the APP. Divide into various areas such as room, living room, study, etc. For the first time, you need to add the lights in the current area.

Through the app, your party room can instantly become a Japanese-style elegant and warm study room.

Then you can selectively control the lights in the current area and register a Philips account to start the address tracking and enable the automatic light-on function of the home. Probably this is the Jarvis of Iron Man.

I tried both the PC and the control software on the mobile phone, and it turned out that there is a chrome plug-in. It turns out that Philips officially disclosed the hue code to relevant third-party development. I went to the store and saw that the plug-in’s comments were good, so I tried it. The next one can be tried for free for 7 days after the first time, and the follow-up needs to purchase 46 euros. Although this plug-in is not bad, there is no official pc software that is easy to use. When the music rhythm is synchronized, it is obviously not as good as the official APP, but the color is flashing without the effect of gradation. Maybe the color market is not too big, and almost no third-party apps are easy to use.

Philips hue lamp review: exclusive to the trench?

The Hue series is not only color but also the hue white series for daily use. The biggest feature of this series is that you can change the color and temperature to better cater to the changes in the light of your surroundings and adjust it to warm colors when you sleep. It’s easy to fall asleep. The following ceiling lights are more affordable than hue lights.

There are also two cool accessories in the hue series.

Infrared induction of button battery without wires

Infrared induction of button battery without wires

Without any battery control switch, it is said to rely on the power recovery of the moment you click the button to complete the control.

For Homekit, it feels like it is controlled by Siri, and there is nothing to say.

Advantages: it is Very cool. You can have a party with your girlfriend at home. When watching a movie or playing games, turn on the built-in lights for layout rendering. DIY host players understand that light is justice!


expensive! In fact, there are alternatives on the market. For example, Xiaomi’s yeelight, a certain treasure is sold for 100, and Philips is 300, and Philips is the top three. Who doesn’t want to turn on the melody and light synchronization?) The brightness of the light is not as good as Philips, and you get what you pay for. After all, Philips is still the big brother.

Third-party applications are relatively lacking and boring; in fact, the smart light market is relatively small, especially in the domestic market 300 a light bulb is indeed a bit expensive. Naturally, there are fewer people using it and less developed software. Basically, the official software is developed. , So no particularly novel gameplay has been developed.

The firmware update of the lamp and the inserter is relatively slow. The first time you connect to the network App, each lamp may need to be updated for an hour. This is a problem caused by the zigbee protocol. The Zigbee protocol transmission is particularly slow, but The strength is particularly low.

Summary: If you are a local tyrant, you can install all the hue lights in your home. Of course, the experience is also excellent. If you don’t have this requirement and just want to try it out, then I think you can buy a set of three light bulbs plus one replacement. You don’t need to replace all of them with hue. After all, the hue series is just an enjoyment-level thing, not a must-buy. Philips is taking the high-end route, and its price tag is destined to be unsuitable for everyone. If you can’t get this cheap one. . . I won’t spend thousands of them out of the box.

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