The benefits of rowing machine fitness, the effect of rowing machine exercise

Rowing machine exercise can give you amazing results. There are many unknown benefits of a rowing machine. Let’s explore the benefits of using a rowing machine to exercise.

Aerobic exercise

This is one of the reasons why I recommend a rowing machine for fitness. It can provide you with good cardiovascular exercise. When all your major muscle groups are exercising, this will provide good exercise for your lungs and heart, which will add more oxygen to your whole body such as lungs, heart and blood. That is, if you exercise at a moderate speed, you can also complete aerobic exercise in just 30 minutes. For friends with poor heart and lung functions, using a rowing machine to exercise is a good way to help you stay healthy.

Burn calories

If weight loss is the fitness effect you want to achieve, then I can tell you very directly that the rower is a good calorie burner. You can easily burn about 600 calories per hour on the rowing machine with moderate resistance. If you have more resistance, you can burn more calories. This is more calories burned than exercise on a treadmill or exercise bike. The benefits of a rowing machine are more than this. It has a small impact on the body, and the damage to the joints can be described as small and small.

Increase your muscles

If gaining muscle is the main fitness effect you want to achieve, then rowers are definitely a good choice. When you continue to pull the handle and resist resistance with your legs, it will help your whole body muscles to exercise. When you increase your exercise regularly and continuously improve your endurance level, your muscles will increase and become stronger. Although the rowing machine exercises the entire body, the most important are the quadriceps and the front thigh muscles. If you often use it for fitness, the muscles in this part will be stronger and you will get more strength to perform other activities.

Little effect on joints

Another advantage I like about the rowing machine is that it has little effect on the body. Because in the process of rowing, your feet are always in contact with the pedals, and your hands are always holding the handle of the rower, so the rowing machine puts little dumbbells or no pressure on your joints. Knee joints, ankles and shoulders are all easily injured during weight-bearing exercises, but rowing machines have little effect on these joints. If you maintain a proper posture for fitness, the rowing machine will also have a rehabilitative effect on your joints, which makes it particularly suitable for those who want to recover from joint injuries, the elderly, or exercisers with joint problems.

stress reliever

Rowing fitness exercises have the benefits of reducing psychological stress, and in some cases can help relieve depression. Like most cardiovascular exercises with aerobic equipment, rowing machine exercises increase the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are a wonderful substance that can make us resist sorrow, and our hearts are filled with love and sunshine, which will reduce stress. When you watch TV or listen to music while rowing and exercising, you will feel more relaxed and release more endorphins.

Safe exercise

In order to take full advantage of the rowing machine exercise, maintaining a proper form of exercise is very important. The wrong exercise will make you hurt, and exercise fewer benefits. If you are not sure whether your fitness method is correct, I suggest you consult a rowing instructor to make sure you are not in the range of injury. If you are not familiar with rowing machines, you should exercise at a slow speed and increase the exercise speed slowly. Safety is always your top priority when rowing for fitness.

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