The flashlight is not just lighting and has more useful value

When I was young, many people went out with torches and walked at night, when there were no street lights.

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Many people used torches to catch loach, frogs, and eels at night when I was young.

Today’s flashlights are slowly fading out of people’s sight. A mobile phone solves many problems, including the flashlight function. The flashlight principle of a mobile phone is the light emitted by the flash, which is often used for daily short-term lighting.

In fact, flashlights are also developing. They are not eliminated by the times. The new generation of LED flashlights has a longer life, brighter and more environmentally friendly; flashlights have their presence in various fields, such as outdoor flashlights, household flashlights, car flashlights, and ultraviolet flashlights. , Zhaoyu flashlights, mini flashlights, medical flashlights, patrol flashlights, tactical flashlights, uniform flashlights, explosion-proof flashlights, diving flashlights, fishing lights, bicycle lights, etc.

Outdoor flashlights provide night lighting, flashlights, camp lights, headlights, etc., for people who love outdoor sports. The small ones have mini outdoor flashlights that you can carry with you, and the large ones have high-power search flashlights. There are many styles, and it is important to choose a flashlight that suits you according to your actual needs!

Household flashlights, although there are few power outages at home, are troublesome to turn on the lights every day. It may be more convenient to have a flashlight by the bedside. It will give you light with a touch of your hand and a flashlight + diffuser. It can be used as a small table lamp, which not only satisfies itself but does not affect others’ rest.

It is more convenient for car flashlights to find things in the car with flashlights, and mobile phone flashlights have limited lighting. Sometimes, it is more necessary to use strong light to inspect vehicles, and only the concentrated beam can clearly see some problems. Some cars are equipped with an onboard flashlight, which is more convenient for your car.

Ultraviolet flashlights are also used to authenticate banknotes, identify treasures, identify fluorescent agents, check confidential parts, identify jewelry, calligraphy, and paint, and detect oil and gas leakage. Generally speaking, good ultraviolet flashlights are more expensive and have powerful functions. Just higher!

The Zhaoyu flashlight provides convenience for gambling on stone and jade. The white light and yellow light of the visitor flashlight are designed for stone and jade collectors. There are also steel and aluminum heads suitable for different environments. The flashlight is more penetrating, more focused, and able to see more clearly!

Mini flashlight, compact, and easy to carry with you. In recent years, many companies have made mini flashlights in various colors to cater to market demand, so they are also called gift flashlights. Some companies have higher requirements, so they will choose custom flashlights and put on their logo to let employees realize their intentions. (Explore mini styles are more customized and more experienced)

The medical flashlight is a mobile lighting tool designed to meet the medical staff’s local lighting needs in medical work. As common medical-surgical equipment, medical flashlights are widely used in vision inspections, oral inspections, and throat inspections. Medical flashlights can reduce some misoperations caused by medical staff during naked eye operation, reduce visual fatigue of medical staff, and improve work efficiency.

Patrol flashlights, patrol security flashlights, are generally used for night patrols and are mostly used for security and police patrols; the security at night depends on you!

Military and police flashlights, special flashlights for military police, have strict manufacturing process requirements, and wiring control switches are more suitable for tactical needs in various environments.

Uniform light flashlight, suitable for photography, fill light, criminal investigation and other work needs, the price is moderate, wedding photography, professional photography sometimes use it to fill light, criminal investigation detection of blood, fingerprints and other difficult to detect information;

Explosion-proof flashlight, suitable for special places such as fire rescue, coal mining, etc.; flashlight has higher requirements, high-temperature resistance, anti-fall, waterproof, explosion-proof grade, etc. have stricter requirements, flashlights must be safe in dangerous situations!

Diving flashlights are suitable for diving enthusiasts; diving flashlights have higher requirements for waterproof levels. After all, the deeper the diving activity, the higher the water pressure will be, and the same applies to the flashlight. Diving enthusiasts choose diving flashlights carefully.

The three-light source fishing lights are more suitable for fishing, and a tripod is more suitable for fishing. A good fishing light multifunctional fishing light can make you do more with less and gain a lot.

The riding light is matched with the bracket to fix the riding flashlight on the bicycle. Night riding enthusiasts should equip their cars with lights. The adjustable bicycle can be used as a reference. Of course, the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you the best!

A small flashlight is not simple. It has many functions. Should you also have a flashlight in your life? Mobile phone flashlights are not comparable to professional flashlights.

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