Want to buy a home Bluetooth speaker, which one is better between Beats, JBL and BOSE

BOSE SoundWear Companion…

Bose Home Speaker 500: Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Voice Control Built-in, Black
Bose Music app: Use the Bose Music app for simple setup with detailed prompts
Bose Home Speaker 300: Bluetooth Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in, Black
Sound performance: Room-rocking bass and 360-degree, lifelike sound in a compact size; Bose Music app: Use the Bose Music app for simple setup with detailed prompts
Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling, with Alexa voice control – Limited Edition Triple Midnight
Limited Edition, QC35 Series II, Noise Cancelling, Over Ear Headphones in Triple Midnight; Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information, and more

Because of the particular use scene, although there are several models of the same type, they are not as good as the Bose family.

The salted fish is a pile of two thousand, JBL’s war drum, God of War…I dare not buy it anyway.

Like this

First of all, beats are excluded. They are not on the same level as those two brands. Besides, Bose and JBL have similar brand strengths. Bose has a small reputation, and small mini speakers are hard to find rivals. JBL is good at large wooden speakers and tends towards HiFi. High-end models are much more expensive than Bose. The voice is thick and powerful, bold and uninhibited, and small size is recommended Bose, mini2, soundlinkIII, soundtouch20, all are good, JBL corresponds to pulse2, war drums, etc., JBL is stylish in style. Bose is a low-key business. It is recommended to go to the physical store to experience before making a decision.

Hello everyone, I am a space orange, a boy who has been listening to music 24 hours a day. I have successively bought 100 home speakers. Let me talk about my ideas for buying speakers. It was now in 2020. I think home speakers, wifi is more practical than Bluetooth~

Is it smart or sound quality?

Since 2020, the process of human intelligence has been one step closer. Many household appliances are equipped with intelligent functions, including current home speakers, but the primary function is to play music for speaker products. If the sound quality is terrible, Then the intelligence and design behind it are just nonsense; now, there are many smart voice assistants on the market that seem to be very cost-effective, known as “so-and-so smart speakers.” Don’t be confused by its name, The main feature is the voice assistant, but it is no time to adjust the sound quality.

How to choose suitable home speakers?

Sound quality

The first thing to consider may be the sound quality. I don’t think the sound quality is a magical thing. After all, everyone’s senses are different, just like some people can distinguish between 128kbps and lossless music in blind listening. Of course, many factors affect the sound quality, but the most influential or decisive factor is the unit and cavity.

For example, the speaker’s bass unit and midrange unit generally use cone-shaped diaphragms because this type of diaphragm is mature in design and has good performance. In contrast, the diaphragm of the tweeter is made of metal. Some are made of soft fabric Manufacturing. The sound characteristics of the two are also entirely different. The former has a better response speed, and the latter has a softer sound.

The frequency response of each model of a speaker is also very different. At this time, the brand needs to design the circuit and crossover to make the final speaker sound consistent with its style.

So don’t think about the speakers used by folks on Taobao. Most of them are masters of the brain. They rarely really master the characteristics of acoustics and various electronic components. Acoustics is still more troublesome. How to calculate simulation, DSP processing, and return Some high-end cabinet designs.

For example, the Bose maze is to maintain the “pressure” of the Sound. The channel user stores the energy of the Sound and transmits it through a small pipe. The advantage of a small diameter that becomes larger instantly is used to achieve a small volume and large energy.

How many turns and how to calculate the length of the cavity based on the horn’s resonant frequency requires precise calculation; in fact, there is a lot of emphasis on these, and stability is the key to batch products.


For home speakers, in addition to the sound quality, everyone may care more about the appearance of home speakers and whether they can be integrated into the existing home environment.

For example, IKEA’s new product, Simvers for 2020, is a desk lamp with a wireless speaker function. The design of All In One will not appear obtrusive on the desk or bedside table.

And BeoPlay A9 has been released for nearly ten years, and this classic design has not changed. Many people have bought it and made decorations at home.

There is also color matching. The popular color in 2020 is Classic Blue. Like Dynaudio’s Music series, there is this color matching, which adds a sense of fashion to the home.

Workmanship and stability

More attention is paid to the quality of speaker products in this respect. Some speakers are made of metal, while others are made of wood and plastic. When buying, you can pay attention to the brand’s reputation, product evaluation, etc., and qualified students can also go to the physical store to see the actual product.

Another thing to pay attention to is the durability and stability of the speakers. For example, I bought a speaker before and found that the standby’s noise floor is super loud when I bought it home. I regret it; some speakers support wireless protocols but are anti-interference. The ability is inferior. It is embarrassing that the link to playing songs is broken. Later, the official pushed several new firmware to solve the interference problem.

Functions and uses

Nowadays, home speakers have been subdivided. Every buyer uses speakers for different purposes. Some are listening to streaming music, some are professional like listening to high-fidelity music, some are watching movies, and some are designed with lithium batteries. You can also go out for a picnic; some also want to have a hybrid function, such as controlling smart homes, ambient lights, etc.

Cost performance and price

The price/performance ratio does not mean that this product’s price is cheap, but the product is worth it or not; for example, AirPods Pro is very fragrant, but can you say that it is cheap? The price-performance ratio is after biting the teeth and buying, they all agree!

Voice assistants come in handy.

At present, the handle-level products of Xiaoai speakers are affordable, and the most significant advantage is that they can control Mijia smart home products; compared to the previous generation and other Xiaoai students, the sound quality is slightly improved, and it supports a 3.5mm AUX interface, So you can also connect to computers and other digital products.

Other smart homes can do reasonably well, such as the Xiaodu at home series. Its advantage is the “screen.” In addition to acting as a speaker, it also has its camera to act as a housekeeping assistant. It also has iQiyi video software. Can play video.

Tmall Elf

Tmall Genie, the father behind it, is rich and powerful. First of all, the price is cheap. Then there are more co-branded styles. Also, compared to Xiaoai and Xiaodu, Tmall Genie has more home appliance control functions.

These three brands all belong to the main intelligence and linkage, and the sound quality belongs to the charge of charging when the main speaker is a shortcoming.

Apple HomePod

If you like listening to music and care about sound quality, it’s no problem to buy HomePod.

If you are an Apple Family Bucket user, it’s no problem to buy HomePod.

If you are a HomeKit home user, HomePod is also an excellent smart hub.

First of all, in terms of sound quality, Apple has made a lot of effort. The speaker has a 360-degree surround design. The bottom is an array of 7 horn tweeters, and each unit is equipped with a custom amplifier. And Apple is also very innovative in putting the woofer on the top of the speaker to create a more profound and strong bass effect.

And around the speakers, there are 6 microphones arranged in a circle to capture various sounds in the room, coupled with the powerful processing power of Apple A8. Even if the HomePod is playing music, it can be clear to Hear the user’s instructions.

Also, Apple products have a common advantage, which is quick and straightforward to set up. Plugin the power, your phone or tablet can detect it, and you can directly connect to the home wireless network. There is no need to adjust the placement of HomePod deliberately. According to the main speaker, the built-in microphone and sensor can automatically analyze it with spatial sensing technology Sound quality and adjust the sound effect.

Also, HomePod can do.

*You can also use HomePod to answer calls when making calls, especially when you are exercising, you don’t even need to hold your mobile phone~~

* Voice setting timer or alarm

*Voice setting reminder, calendar, or network query content

*Let the iPhone ring, easy to find, similar to the Apple Watch, or searching for my iPhone on the web, it is convenient to get up in the morning to find the phone.

*Sleep at night, let HomePod play white noise, whether it’s the waves hitting the shore, the birds in the forest, or the wind and rain.

Of course, the downside of HomePod is that you should buy it carefully if you are not an Apple user.

Responsible for appearance, buy speakers, and get soft outfits.

Sony’s crystal tube speaker was originally called Glass Sound Speaker in English. It uses glass speakers. The entire cylindrical surface oscillates by hitting the plexiglass tube’s bottom edge vertically to produce 360-degree Sound, while ordinary speakers are generally sound produced by cone vibration. The front direction of the Sound is strong.

As early as ten years ago, Sony launched the Sountina sound tube speaker NSA-PF1. Even if it is taken today, it is quite technological and fantastic. The sky-high price of 60,000 yuan that year made me only drool, so ten years later, it is pleased to spend a few thousand yuan to buy a transistor speaker of the same series.

This speaker from Sony is designed with great care. Using the principle of LED lights and reflectors is good. The Jingya sound tube has a candle-like effect, especially suitable for restaurant atmosphere lights at night.

I think it belongs to the representative of a small body and big energy. It supports various connection schemes, Qplay, wifi, 3.5mm AUX, and Bluetooth, supporting high-quality LDAC transmission protocol.

In terms of sound quality, although the power is “only” 11W, it sounds like a singer sings directly from the speaker due to the unique way of vocalization. It does not sound like an electronic device. The sense of presence is real. Students who have the opportunity must feel it. Experience the charm of S2.

Marshall Marshall STANMORE speaker

Every youth who likes rock and roll has a Marshall in his heart. The history of this brand is almost equal to the history of rock legends. It was born in London, England, in the 1960s when the founder Jim Marshall only made the first Marshall speakers in a small workshop; since the 60s, Cream and Jimi Hendrix started to be excellent. When they are forced, Marshall speakers will accompany them in the studio and concerts.

The design is too classic, with iconic Marshall elements, silver-gray mesh, iconic handwritten LOGO, and stable wooden frame.

In terms of sound quality, Stanmore II has a powerful bass effect, but it also caused a severe problem. That is, all music is muddy, and the three frequencies are not separated. I feel that the sound quality is not worth 3,000 yuan at all.

Haha, but which room the speaker is placed in is more than enough to make people look at it.

Love Nordic, choose B&O, and you’re done. Every product design in the house is pretty good. It is A9 at home, so let me talk about the experience of this speaker.

First of all, the design of the A9 is simple, without any superfluous elements, and it will not look obtrusive in the home.

Secondly, the A9’s mask can be replaced by yourself. When I bought it, the mask was still red, which didn’t match my home, so I changed to a blue moon version.

There are speakers on the front, and the controls of the A9 are placed on the back. You can adjust the volume or switch songs only by sliding your fingers on the top, without any extra buttons and operations.

The sound quality that A9 gives me is that the human voice is not bad, the sound is delicate, and the bass is mellow, but the disadvantage is that the Shape limits it, and the sound field of the A9 is average. The students who bought the A9 bought it for its appearance and indoor furnishings. The sound quality is pretty good.

BeoSound Shape

BeoSound Shape is a set of wall speaker equipment, like a unique artwork hanging on the wall, providing a powerful sound field performance.

Shape adopts hexagonal modules suitable for construction and can be continuously expanded, freely spliced ​​according to their requirements. Moreover, these hexagons’ exterior surfaces use low-saturation color matching, making it easy to match the home environment. Match.

Although the appearance is the same, the physical objects in each Shape are quite different. The core, amplifier, speaker, sound-absorbing cotton, etc., of BeoSound Core, can be installed in the Shape.

Because this product involves customization, you need to go to the physical store to buy it. I went to check it before, and the lowest set price is about 3W;

Good-looking is good-looking. In terms of sound quality, I don’t think it can be compared with professional enthusiasts, but the feature of B&O is to integrate music into the home. Interested students can also check out other B&O products.

Sound quality is paramount. I want to listen to music.

Zumbo S803 Desktop Speaker

First of all, I recommend Zunbao from Denmark. Those who know a little about HiFi may probably know Zunbao, the largest audio production brand in Europe. In the past few years, many excellent consumer products have been launched. It’s a desktop speaker, S803.

Although it is a HiFi speaker, the price is only around 2,000 yuan. After I started it, regardless of appearance, material, and design, I felt that there were too many active speakers at the price of 2,000. The money saved could also be purchased for power amplifier equipment.

Although the appearance still maintains bookshelf speakers’ appearance, the design uses wood grain to look elegant and straightforward.

The net cover made of linen woven fabric is an extension of the Danish’s consistent environmental protection concept, and it has a magnetic design that can be easily disassembled.

Also, this set of speakers has a unique design. There are contacts on the top, which can wirelessly link the S8 main speakers and the S8 ATM panoramic soundbox to form a more advanced 7.1 surround system. In addition to S803, S807, S809 also have the same Upgrade function.

Because I currently use it on the desktop, it is equipped with the D3032 from NAD in the United Kingdom, which is small, but the chip quality is not low. The DAC digital converter is Cirrus Logic CS42528. The system sampling rate is 192kHz, and the dynamic range of A/D conversion is 114dB.

In terms of sound quality, I think it is worth the price. WaveGuide technology can bring dynamic and realistic Sound reproduction. The 1-inch silk soft-dome tweeter speaker unit has sufficient brightness and density for the treble, strong focus, low distortion, and Sound. The quality is excellent. The speaker’s maximum peak power reaches 160w, the audio is very textured, and the bass is not scattered, which is very suitable for listening to music in ordinary times.

Because of the S803’s super cost-effective, sound quality and resolution are the best at the same price, and it has excellent expandability, I will also plan to purchase the S803 center speaker and the S8 ATM with panoramic Sound in the later stage, with a projector. I form a 7.1 surround system in my study, watch movies at home, and share it with you when I have time.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation

In addition to Zunbao, I suggest you pay attention to the latest Formation series by Bowers & Wilkins, which is specially created for audiophiles. There are six products in total, covering all the music scenes at home.

The appearance of the diamond design, coupled with the embellishment of metal, looks particularly feeling.

I have bought a Flex from the Formation series and put it next to the sofa. It has a simple design and good sound quality.

What’s more interesting is that this Formation series has a built-in Mesh network. Even if the home network is rather bad, this independent Mesh network can connect all Formation speakers in the home. The audio synchronization delay is compressed to the microsecond level.

The appearance is a typical B&W family design, and the materials and configuration are also luxurious, including double-layer aluminum bass and decoupling tweeter technology. Interested students can continue to pay attention, and I will also post related reviews in the future~

Thank you all for reading my article. I hope this article can let you have a better experience when buying speakers. If you have any questions, please leave a message, and I will answer it for you~

From the perspective of Bluetooth speaker brands alone, the personal ranking is JBL>BOSE>Beats.


Let me talk about JBL first. I think it is a product with very clear positioning. Its Bluetooth speakers have a clear target audience-focusing of young people who are fashionable and active and love music. Therefore, whether from the appearance design or the lighting color, it is based on its product positioning. Moreover, the product line is also very rich, from the entry-level 100-yuan small gold brick to the thousand-yuan music God of War, suitable for music lovers of different budgets.

As for sound quality, the product line is precise and clear. You get what you pay for. If you are buying a portable Bluetooth speaker, I would recommend it.

BOSE: Speaking of BOSE, the first reaction should be its noise reduction headphones. After all, the QC series is very capable of playing in active noise reduction today. This also confirms that BOSE does have good audio technology.

Going back to the Bluetooth speaker itself, BOSE hopes to express business and low-key from the design point of view. So you will see that the colors of all its Bluetooth speakers are mainly “black, white, and gray.” Moreover, overall, its Bluetooth speakers are more targeted for home use. There are also outdoors, but less. Its “Music System” series will certainly be better in terms of sound quality, but the price is relatively taking off. If the positioning is “home-based light outdoor,” BOSE is also quite suitable.

Beats: Beats’ business focus is still on headphones. Bluetooth speakers seem to be only the pill series. In terms of Bluetooth speakers alone, the product line has fallen behind the first two. As for whether to buy it, it depends on how you like it.

B&O PLAY beoplay M5

As a luxury audio brand, B&O was first known for producing top-quality audio, and now it has also launched wireless Bluetooth speakers. B&O PLAY beoplay M5 is equipped with exclusive omnidirectional sound effect technology, no matter where the speaker is placed, everyone in the space can listen to the same perfect Sound effect, plus there is an exclusive APP, which can be placed for yourself Fine-tune the position to improve the sound quality to a higher level. The B&O PLAY beoplay M5 is covered with wool blended fabric, fragile compared to the speaker with a metal body. Special care should be taken to avoid collision and fall. As B&O is a luxury brand, its pricing is also a luxury price.

Marshall ACTON II

Marshall is a classic speaker brand loved by countless rock musicians around the world. Its imitation stage design is very eye-catching and the sound effect is also excellent. It is equipped with 2 15W tweeters and 1 50W woofer, which can keep clean even at high volume. And precise sound effects can be a trendy thing that combines classic rock retro design and modern technology.

JBL Pulse 3

The biggest highlight of JBL Pulse 3 is the light-emitting screen that occupies two-thirds of the fuselage, enhancing the music experience to the realm of “sound and light.” The lighting effects emitted by the light-emitting screen will change with the rhythm of the music. , You can also set your exclusive lighting mode, and even link the lighting effects with other pulses, or connect more than a hundred wireless speakers that also have JBL Connect+ technology at the same time, to burst the party most conveniently! JBL Pulse 3 also has IPX7 water resistance, so pool parties can also come in handy.


SRS-HG10 supports multiple connections such as NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, USB DAC, built-in S-Master HX, DSEE HX technology, supports Clear Audio+ and Extra Bass sound effects, plus Hi-Res sound quality effects and perfect interpretation of low, The mid-to-high full-range speaker unit, its sound effects and technology can completely surpass other brands of Bluetooth speakers at the same price.

BOSE Soundlink Mini II

The Bose SoundLink Mini series has been selling well all over the world since its launch. This loudspeaker’s performance has been affirmed in each range, especially since the bass part has a deep and deep sound performance. It is especially recommended for listeners keen on party music, heavy metal rock music, other music types, and a must for chubby bass lovers.


GO 2 is the lightest member of the JBL wireless speaker family. It weighs only 184 grams, has full portability, and has a waterproof rating of up to IPX7, whether it is a room, living room, bathroom, beach, turf, anywhere imaginable, A place where it can exert its strength.

I’ve tried it in a physical store and bought a BOSE Revolve kettle, B&O A1; I’m not an enthusiast, I don’t understand metaphysics (and I can only buy introductory speakers within 2500); I usually listen to a lot of mixed, popular, R&B, Soul, Hip-hop There is also classical music.

Share the experience for reference: 1. JBL Pulse, the lighting effect is very good, waterproof, it is very convenient for outdoor picnics. The low frequency is worse than the Bose kettle, suitable for those trendy people to start.

2. Beats, the sound field is mixed, it sounds unclean, so it is not recommended to buy.

3. Focus on Bose. I listened to BOSE Soundlink mini 2. I did many strategies at the time, and the QC35 experience was excellent, so I finally bought the Revolve kettle. However, a week later, it was really unbearable, and he started B&O A1 again. The unbearable reason is that the kettle is rendered too much, especially the bass. The intuitive feeling is that the head is booming, the mid-to-treble is suppressed, and it is dizzy after listening for more than 1 hour.

It has a waterproof function. You can’t even think about it. I can’t run around with the speaker when it’s raining, and it’s impossible to soak it in the water. By chance, I passed by the physical store and listened to the B&O A1 I hadn’t thought of before.

The Sound is clean, and its low frequency is surprising. You can listen to various styles of music. There is no discomfort after listening for two or three hours.

There are many color choices and simple design, which can be hung or laid flat.

If you have the same needs as me, I suggest B&O.

I have no opinion on any brand. The above is a genuine user experience.

I hope that helps.

Although your husband’s birthday is past, I want to say a word for betas! The price of the 3 Bluetooth speaker brands mentioned by the subject is within 2000, and the corresponding products are betas pill, JBL charge 3, and BOSE sound link mini 2, which are relatively close in price. I have never heard of BOSE, so I dare not comment.

I have a beats pill 2.0 in my hand. I will get it at the company’s annual meeting in 2014. It was fantastic when I heard it for the first time. The small belly has a lot of energy. The Sound is clear, not dull, and the bass is qualified, but in all aspects, Equalization is to listen to products without apparent shortcomings. And in 2014, Bluetooth speakers were not so popular, and there were not so many brands of Bluetooth speakers on JD.com. This product can be said to be a very worthy choice. The price was around 1300 at that time. Since then, it has been used as a computer speaker, and it has been more than 3 years in 2018.

I just went to my cousin’s house in November 2017 and saw a JBL charge 3 on the table. I can’t wait to connect to the phone and try it. As a result, I was disappointed at the first Sound. It was said that it was a musical war drum, and the bass was heavy, but the Sound was completely muffled in the drum. It felt like being stuck in a layer of skin and couldn’t come out. It sounded very uncomfortable. Turn off a song before listening.

Regardless of the brand, just for these two speakers at the same price, the electronic and vocal beats win; the bass, JBL, only has heavy, no play! On the contrary, the balance of beats between sinking and bounce can grasp the ears. So if you want to choose, beats are recommended! There are also black beats when they come up. Even if the beats are so badly hacked, please listen to the comparison and then blackout. It is not unreasonable that so many big-name celebrities favor beats.

Some people say that good-looking is also drunk, why don’t good-looking stars buy B&O!

That’s it. I hope it will be helpful to the subject and friends who choose speakers! Be sure to try it yourself before choosing! Also, I bought a 300 or so JBL headset before. The price is low. The Sound is simply shit! Later, let’s look at the recommended Pioneer. Headphones and Bluetooth speakers are not JBL’s strengths. I will not comment on the big box. Sales are there!

I have these three brands. I bought a Pulse 1 in my home of JBL and an onbeat rumble. To be honest, Pulse is the one for playing. It does not require good sound quality.

Onbeat rumble is straightforward. I listen to electronic music a lot. When all the drum beats come out, our dog dare not come close. The others can be ignored, so for me, JBL is very functional. A brand, what is the main product of this series, then that point will be particularly prominent.

For Beats, it’s a Bluetooth headset given when the famous Apple gave Beats headsets back then. What do you say about that Sound Very Apple’s characteristic, that is, nothing stands out. If you want to talk about the characteristics, it’s easy to miss people. I also have such a beats earphone (in fact, it has no characteristics at all), except for the red, which is very beautiful.

I have always felt that it has no characteristics in BOSE, but since I joined BOSE QUIET COMFORT 35, I have only realized how excellent BOSE’s noise reduction is! ! !!

Of course, it is also a headset. First of all, the Sound is very balanced. Also, the earbags made by the manufacturing process are particularly comfortable and will never chuck. In terms of price, this headset’s price is very cost-effective in the field of noise reduction headphones (previously, I use Libratone’s Qadapt, which has a digital noise reduction effect, but it feels very deliberate~).

There was also a Bose Soundlink mini at home before. I listened to it once or twice, and the sound resolution was balanced. It was not high or low, and the price was very cheap. But this product really can’t reduce noise, so this speaker looks like Apart from the coffin, there is nothing particularly memorable. correct

I just saw someone answering B&O. My Bluetooth speaker at home is B&O A1. That’s right, the speaker that looks like a steamed bun~ It’s very high in terms of cost-effectiveness, And I have recently been extremely grassy with B&Q’s H9, and I want to buy…

Purchase tips:

1 [Compatibility] Although Bluetooth speakers’ compatibility is 100% supporting existing Bluetooth devices. We still have to confirm whether our playback device supports Bluetooth before buying, to ensure that the purchased things can be used usually ;

2 [Transmission distance] The Bluetooth speaker’s transmission distance has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version but mainly depends on technology’s degree.

Generally speaking, the distance between a mobile phone or computer and a Bluetooth speaker is not too far, and the safer transmission distance is about 10 meters, and the Bluetooth speakers on the market also reach the 10-meter standard;

3 [Bluetooth version] When we buy Bluetooth speakers, we often see Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and other numbers. These numbers represent different versions and also represent the anti-interference ability of Bluetooth speakers.

The different versions of Bluetooth are related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference. The new version can be backward compatible. Consumers should consider the price and demand when purchasing and make limited choices;

4 [Built-in battery] The quality of the Bluetooth speaker’s built-in battery directly determines the playback time and service life of the Bluetooth digital speaker.

Before buying, please be sure to ask about the actual playing time and the number of repeated charging and attenuation. It is recommended that consumers choose lithium polymer batteries as much as possible when choosing Bluetooth speakers, and there is no danger of explosion. As for what brand of Bluetooth speakers is relatively cost-effective? It is recommended to find out what brand other netizens buy? What is the effect of using it? Choosing the best evaluation should be the best choice.

Among the current three brands, I recommend choosing Bose’s Mini II, which is also the one I’m currently using.

I put all the Bluetooth speakers worth buying recently from notable brands here. If you are interested, you can check it out.

It seems that to answer such a question, you need to put a picture of your speakers.

Even though the price drops a lot, compared to all wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, I still like this one the most.

I’ve known it for a long time, and I think it’s a type that won’t lose as long as the budget is sufficient.

Let me first talk about the points I consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker:

There is an Aux socket. Because I want to connect to my display, I use it when playing PS4. There are a lot of Bluetooth now, without this jack.

I don’t think about the sound quality, because I know I can’t hear it. So I just choose a brand I trust, because I have bought Bose headphones before and know that their products are of excellent quality.

Portability, so it can not be too large on the desk. Some Bluetooth speakers will be too big, and some will look good when viewed alone, but they will be very obtrusive when placed on a desk.

If you consider these, Bose is the best choice for me. Bose also has a flagship product: Revolve+, but Revolve+ is an omnidirectional speaker that can only emit monophonic Sound, and two or more of them are the best. I need to buy two. Taken together, Mini II is the best choice.

I put the introductions of Beats Pill+ and JBL’s flagship Pulse 4 in this article. If you don’t want to read the article, I will just say the conclusion and buy Bose Mini II.

Although the subject’s budget is less than 2,000 yuan, the sound quality must be given priority. Then there is no need to overthink about the relatively basic brand like beats. In addition to listening to heavy bass, you can also listen to other music. The feeling is not very good. As far as I know, JBL’s home speakers’ price is relatively large, and the quality is relatively uneven. Although 2000 yuan is not particularly high for a home audio budget, it is not too low. A subject’s budget and needs, it is recommended to start with the professional audio brand Bose.

The Bose Mini I used in my studio was about 1,223 when I first started it. The appearance and sound quality are gorgeous, and the price/performance ratio is not to be said. If the budget is a few hundred highs, you can also look at the Bose Revolve+ big kettle, which is also less than 2,000 yuan. When I chose Bose mini, I was interested in Bose’s accumulation in the professional audio field. For example, in the early days of Bose home theater, everyone knew what it was. In recent years, it has also been a leader in the noise reduction headset industry. Also, the mini is small in size and weighs only 680 grams. It is more convenient to carry it in the office, at home, or on a business trip, without a burden. After all, in a high-pressure working environment, enjoying high-quality music is also an outlet for stress relief.

Dual-mode resonance technology is good and has an excellent sound effect. Although I am a person with pentatonic insufficiency, the music I like can be extensive. Classical, rock, jazz, blues, and even the raps that young people like now are inexhaustible. Bose mini has also withstood my various music tortures. The treble is clear and bright, the bass is thick and full, and there is no mechanism at all. Noise, if like me, I don’t like the pressure of wearing headphones for a long time, the enjoyment of music in this independent space brought by speakers is very healing.

s12 hours of battery life, good music is always online.

Whether it is at work or on a business trip or staying in a hotel, a dead cell phone or a dead speaker are things that can easily increase anxiety, so when I start all electronic products that can work wirelessly, the first concern is their battery life. The Bose mini2 special edition’s battery life has increased by 20% compared to the previous generation of SoundLink Mini, reaching 12 hours. This is sufficient for general daily business trips or use in the office and at home and saves the trouble of bringing a charger.

The connection is quick and easy to use.

If the Bluetooth speaker does not have a fast connection function, it is basically equivalent to a brick. This can be deeply verified on the speakers that I have bought with a unit price of less than 500 yuan.

The Bluetooth of Bose mini can be connected to mobile phones and tablets immediately. It can remember the Bluetooth IDs of up to 8 devices. It can be quickly connected in the space of about ten meters in diameter. It can also use the built-in microphone to achieve phone calls. Receiving calls is especially suitable for freeing your hands on weekends at home or when work is busy. The experience is perfect!

Naturally, not to mention the appearance, the exquisite and simple body, clean and smooth lines, very fashionable, pleasing to the eye for self-use, and it is perfect for sending to husband like the subject. A wise and useful choice, yes, those boyfriends who are always given the blacklist of straight men’s gifts will not lose if they give this one!

In addition to the mini that I carry with me every day, when I moved to a new house last year, I couldn’t wait to put a set of Bose 650 home speakers in the living room of the new home. If the mini is for ear massage, the 650 is a top audio-visual feast.

The appearance is atmospheric and textured, with super stereo surround sound, 4k high-definition display, and enjoy music with your family on weekends or holidays when you have plenty of time. Watching a movie helps improves the quality of life.

Of course, you still have to look around for items with the highest quality, like home speakers.

These three beats JBL BOSE are among the imported brands. [The tablet and the sound quality are relatively high-quality Bluetooth speakers.

It’s not easy to compare, because each has different likes and different things! Just this beats JBL BOSE!

As everyone likes,

The choice JBL that likes bass is right.

Like balanced and portable, choose bose

Like high-pitched vocals, choose BOSE.

Let me tell you about the models of these brands that I like.

TOWER SMART Music Castle comes in two colors: Obsidian Black and Sky White. We got the black version. TOWER

SMART is cylindrical as a whole, with a tall tower-shaped design with a narrow top and a wide bottom, which looks stylish and straightforward.

TOWER SMART also uses dedicated audio DSP and NPU, with advanced sound source localization, beamforming, noise suppression, and echo

Elimination, voice call algorithm, to ensure that JBL Music Castle can easily wake up within 5 meters. The author has been tested and evokes very sensitive.

Sense, no leaks, and happenings, it’s worth a little bit.

I prefer Bose Bluetooth speakers.

Bose S1 Pro

The Bose S1 Pro multifunctional music system has beautiful and shocking sound quality. Designed for musicians and DJs, and can also be used as a conventional sound reinforcement system

For use, S1 Pro is an integrated PA system, back-to-listening speakers, instrument practice speakers, and the primary music system. Under a variety of placement positions,

Automatic balance can be adjusted automatically, suitable for many occasions. S1 Pro is equipped with a three-channel mixer, reverb, Bluetooth wireless transmission, and built-in.

ToneMatch processing technology is a portable multifunctional music system suitable for you.

The new intelligent voice interaction system “Xiaoman Voice Assistant,” equipped by JBL TOWER SMART, uses the current leading full-line voice.

Interactive technology, the voice recognition distance is greater than 5m, truly realize 360-degree voice control.

Create a smart service ecology in JBL TOWER SMART, call Xiaoman Xiaoman, you can realize smart home voice control without barriers.

Smart home appliances are very common nowadays. JBL TOWER SMART can interact with 1000+ smart devices,

Lights, call Xiaoman to adjust the indoor temperature.

Beats Pill+


12 hours battery life, fast full charge within 3 hours, stereo active two-way crossover system

Ready to open film ready to open a film

Speaker body (near)

Accessories at the bottom: charging kit, charging head: power exceeding 10W, charging head: power exceeding 10W, body back: dust plug body back


Dust plug, the grille on the front, low-key “Beats” at the bottom

The battery indicator on the top and the multi-function button “B,” The battery indicator on the top, and the multi-function button “B.”

As a Bluetooth speaker, the most important topic must be sound performance. The first ear of Pill+ does not feel good to me. The volume is not.

Meets my expectations (but can be turned up), after turning up the volume, it is still beneficial to configure my other brand speakers.

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