What Fujifilm camera has the best value

A few days ago, I spent a few days writing an article recommendation for a cost-effective Fuji camera. Because the article’s content is very long, I will go straight to the topic here and recommend 5 cost-effective Fuji cameras that are worth starting.

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Because different Fuji cameras will have promotional activities every once in a while, the price below is not the final discounted price. Clicking on the link will have the highest discounted price and promotional time.

FUJIFILM X100F digital camera rangefinder 24.3 million pixels WIFI hybrid viewfinder

Reason for recommendation: The new CMOS APS-C image sensor is equipped with 24.3 million pixels, and the image quality is further enhanced. It has a multiple hybrid optical-electronic viewfinder with better resolution, ultra-high noise control level, high-sensitivity image quality, and rich color performance. Manual control is more convenient, more comfortable, compact and portable, retro, stylish, and high-value appearance, using NP-W126 battery, stronger battery life, built-in WiFi and USB charging, sharing images is faster, and charging is easier.

FUJIFILM X-T30/XT30 micro single-camera set 26.1 million pixels 4K video Bluetooth WIFI

Recommended reason: the new fourth-generation CMOS image sensor is equipped with a 2610 pixel APS-C frame, and a quad-core X-Processor image processing engine, powerful focusing performance and faster image processing speed, the image quality is perfect, you see what you get, more Reduce the interference of noise and moiré to a low degree, the back-illuminated photosensitive structure has better noise control level, high-precision face recognition and excellent focus tracking ability, faster continuous shooting speed, compact and convenient body, and high retro artistic appearance Beautiful appearance, high comprehensive cost performance.

Fuji (FUJIFILM) X-T3/XT3 mirrorless camera set 26.1 million pixels flip touch screen 4K video

Recommended reason: the new fourth-generation 26.1 million pixel X-TRANS CMOS4 (without low-pass filter) sensor, stronger false color, and moiré suppression, better image quality, new X-Processor 4 image-processing engine. While achieving high image quality, the image processing speed is 3 times faster than the previous generation. The color effect is good. The video function is very powerful; the video shooting adopts the highest 4K 60fPs specification, the high-precision face recognition and focusing speed are speedy. The appearance is retro metal texture High-value, compact and convenient body, and if you often shoot videos or have high requirements for video quality, this one is worth starting.

Fuji (FUJIFILM) X-Pro3 mirrorless camera body (26.1 million pixels rangefinder photoelectric hybrid viewfinder)

Recommended reason: ultra-high-performance Fuji flagship camera, high-value appearance, titanium gold texture, excellent hand feeling, ultra-durable unique Duratect coating design, extremely hard, core performance adopts the same powerful performance as T-X3 fourth-generation CMOS image sensor with 26.1 million pixels and X-Processor 4 image-processing engine, new firmware algorithm for ultra-high image quality performance, newly added CIassic Neg. Classic negative film simulation, image style, and color are very obvious and highly complete, unique hidden LCD The display design adopts a photoelectric hybrid viewfinder, which has a wider viewing angle and higher viewpoint, and the frame rate is further greatly improved, and the cost performance is very high.

Fujifilm (FUJIFILM) X-T4/XT4 mirrorless camera set 26.1 million pixels, five-axis anti-shake, video enhancement, battery life enhancement

Recommended reason: ultra-perfect Fuji flagship camera, the ultimate dream of Fuji powder, brand new ultra-comprehensive five-axis anti-shake, body configuration up to 6.5-speed anti-shake, and the lens is also very good, with 6.5-speed anti-shake effect, is the current Fuji Following the X-H1’s second body image stabilization high-equipped mirrorless single camera, powerful focusing system and ultra-high-speed 15 frames per second high-definition high-definition up to 6240X4160 resolution high-performance focus tracking capability, Fuji Camera ranks first in continuous shooting speed, high High-level noise control ability, bleaching mode enhances the strong color contrast of the picture, the picture taken is large-scale, super-powerful video function, supports top 4K 60P video shooting, and achieves the ultimate performance in ultra-high-definition slow-motion shooting , Ultra-high-value all-magnesium alloy stylish retro appearance, battery performance is quite good, using the new NP-W235 battery, can shoot 500 photos at a time, comprehensive cost-effective.

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