Which brand of computer monitor is the best?

The subject of the question asked “the best brand”. Samsung and LG are indeed the display field leaders, but it does not mean that they are “the most suitable” in all price ranges. We all know that LG developed IPS, and Samsung also launched the curved screen. However, these technologies have been fully used by other display manufacturers. They are very mature technologies and drive a huge market. Samsung and LG are not free to control and buy. Displays, the price-performance ratio is not on the same side with them.

There are many domestic manufacturers of cost-effective monitors. About two thousand 27-inch monitors are high-end for office level and mid-range for gaming and gaming, but they are enough to meet most of the usage scenarios for ordinary people. Below I recommend a few good monitors for reference, and I hope to help you.

Samsung (SAMSUNG) 27-inch 2KIPS technology Three-sided micro-edge

This T700 is a monitor for office use and has the following selling points. The screen is an IPS screen with a narrow three-sided border (1.2mm), good viewing angle, ultra-high-definition 2K resolution, you can see more details, and the refresh rate is only 75Hz, which is somewhat insufficient. However, daily audio-visual entertainment is still rubbed More than. This monitor can be rotated and tilted freely and is very flexible in use. There are two HDMI interfaces, one DP interface, and an audio interface. Rheinland certified low blue light and DC dimming, no flicker, and friendly to the eyes.

This display’s disadvantage is that it only has a refresh rate of 75Hz, and the overall price/performance ratio is relatively average. Having said that, Samsung’s display is really the more expensive, the better. But if this monitor is used for non-gaming purposes, it is still very suitable, Samsung’s screen is professional, do not worry about problems.

ASUS TUF VG27AQ gaming King Kong Pro 27-inch gaming monitor

In other words, this e-sports King Kong is very cost-effective, and it is also the official e-sports screen designated by major e-sports events. The screen is a 2KIPS screen, 27 inches in size, with a vast field of view. With a refresh rate of 165Hz and a response time of 1ms, the actual game response is speedy, the screen transition is very smooth and natural, and the experience naturally goes up. The highlight of this display is the addition of many functions developed by ASUS, such as dynamic clarity technology and FreeSync to reduce screen tearing and stuttering, multiple HDR adjustable modes, standard HDR10 high dynamic range imaging technology, brightness and color performance Very conspicuous. The shadow enhancement technology that improves the contrast between light and dark makes the bright areas brighter and darker. And the fast input technology is specially designed for long-time games to reduce the delay of input devices on display.

The disadvantage is that there are few ports, only one HDMI, DP, and headphone jack. If many ports are to be used, a docking station may be added.

Mi Display 27-inch 2K IPS 165Hz version HDR400 factory color calibration

I didn’t expect Xiaomi to be a monitor before, and the result was a price-performance ratio. As far as office monitors are concerned, Xiaomi’s monitors are not more than 1,000, which is very cost-effective; Xiaomi’s gaming monitors are also like this one. The configuration is almost full, which is very powerful.

The screen is a 2KIPS screen with a high refresh rate of 165Hz and a speedy response time of 1ms. High-end gaming screens are standard. The color gamut is 95% DCI-P3, and the color depth is 8bit. The color grayscale transition is more natural and continuous, and the details are richer. The color accuracy is <2, and the color is very close to the daily color. After all, it has been factory-calibrated—display HDR400’s high dynamic range display. In terms of color, this monitor is of a high-end level.

The interface has DP, HDMI, USB, headphone jack interface, no more, no less. Besides, this monitor also supports rotation, tilt, wall-mounted, various use postures. The heat dissipation module is also cleverly installed on the bracket’s back, easy to disassemble, magnetic back cover. After-sales millet is also delicious. The three-year original factory warranty and after-sales engineer’s on-site service are very considerate. The answerer has experience in this. This is an extremely cost-effective gaming screen, and I personally love Xiaomi products more and more.

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