Which GARMIN smart watch is most worthy of your recommendation

Without a doubt, the most worthy of my recommendation must be Garmin Forerunner245.

The reason is also straightforward. Whether it is function, price, or experience, the overall performance of Garmin watches is very good. Of course, poverty may also limit my imagination. After all, my family is poor, and I have never experienced Fenix6X Pro in depth.

There is also this MK1 diving watch.

Alright, get back to business.

Why do you recommend this, Garmin 245? Please take a look, first of all. The appearance is quite good, the most suitable for small and fat hands, it is suitable and comfortable to wear.

Well, in fact, the most important thing is because of the functionality and practicality of the Garmin 245, which is really awesome.


In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the 245, I think, is a very cost-effective one in Garmin watches. A professional sports watch, first weighing 38.5 grams, has already made many runners feel full of sincerity. This is very sensitive to long-distance running, especially marathon and trail running friends, regardless of a few grams’ weight.

Garmin 245 also supports pulse oximetry, pressure monitoring, 24-hour heart rate, body power, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, and other functions. These are all necessary as a professional sports watch.

Especially 245 adopts a new generation of self-developed optical heart rate sensor, which is more accurate and stable for heart rate monitoring. Heart rate, for athletes, is an indicator that needs attention.

The 245 also has high-end running dynamics, monitoring data for stride frequency, stride length, vertical amplitude, and ground contact time. Together with Garmin connect’s refined data management, it reflects two words: professional!

Of course, 245 is also slightly short. It does not support music function, mobile payment function. 245m supports both of these. But the price is about 400 more expensive. This depends on your needs. For me, it is optional.

The first thing to be clear is that choosing Jiaming is a wise move. Garmin can be said to be a prominent brand in sports watches.

I personally bought the Garmin sports watch Fenix5s. The performance is excellent both in terms of function and battery life. I also wear them in my daily life. I also wear them for running and swimming. There have been no problems for two years.

It seems that there is a lot of nonsense because, at the time, I visited various forums every time I used sports watches. I watched many out-of-the-box evaluations and videos, so I had a little understanding of sports watches. Later, I can talk about the style, model, and function of the watch worn by every runner when running in the lap.

Over time, runners who buy sports watches in laps will come to ask me which one is better. I also take the questions of runners seriously every time. So I have a little understanding of sports watches. Let me list the styles and series of Garmin sports watches.

First, we look at the classification of the entire Garmin sports watch.

  • Smartwatch
  • Outdoor watch
  • Running watch
  • Swimming watch
  • Diving watch
  • Aviation watch
  • Golf watch
  • Ironman sports watch

2. Let’s talk about running watches below. Because running has the highest share of all sports

Garmin’s Forerunner series is a running series. Among them, Garmin 235 series is one of the more popular sports watches in the running circle. Garmin 245 is an upgraded model based on 235. Able to meet the needs of most daily athletes.

If you are a running, cycling, and swimming enthusiast, it is wise to choose Garmin 245, which also has a more avant-garde blood oxygen detection function. The fake list Garmin 945 is a triathlon sports watch. If you have triathlon or outdoor sports, choose Garmin 945.

If you don’t know which one to choose, then choose Garmin 245. I believe my recommendation is correct.

3. Outdoor sports watches.

The outdoor sports watch style supports outdoor and supports basic sports such as running, cycling, and swimming. Buying this series of sports watches can also meet most of the functions of the running series. I recommend the latest outdoor series, of course, these are in the case of a sufficient budget.

If you still don’t know how to choose, you can look at the following introduction of all brand sports watches collected by Zhizhi Project Technology Digital Season. There must be one that you like.

Finally, I hope you can choose your own sports to watch, and I wish you the best self in sports. The codeword is not easy. Give me a thumbs up if you see it here.

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