Which smart speaker has the best sound quality? How about the brand SONOS

The new generation of PLAY:5 adopts a sleek shape design, which is more fashionable and can be placed in three directions (vertical, flat, horizontal) at will to adapt to various home decoration styles.

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It is equipped with up to 6 audio drivers divided into 3 low-frequency units and 3 high-frequency units, which can be used as a small SoundBar to provide top sound effects. Due to the internal drive unit, the second-generation speakers’ volume and weight are also 20%-25% higher than those of the first-generation speakers. To show users the original audio enjoyment, the speaker also has the Trueplay function, which can automatically adjust the speaker EQ by measuring the reflection of walls, furniture, etc., on the sound through the iPhone or iPad, and has obtained a more beautiful sound effect.

The new generation of PLAY:5 supports interconnection with all Sonos speakers, forming an exclusive wireless ecosystem for synchronized playback, creating a more stereo listening experience. Users can control via the mobile APP or computer software, allowing speakers in different rooms in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen to play one or different songs at the same time, and not only local files, but also commonly used QQ music, Douban FM, Xiami Music, NetEase Cloud Music services such as Duomi Music, etc. have also been integrated into the Sonos APP application, and a sense of smart home emerges spontaneously.

It is worth mentioning that, compared to the first-generation speakers, the new-generation speakers did not use physical control buttons but chose to install capacitive touch buttons on the top of the speaker for more convenient operation.

I see that there is an associated Play:3 under your tag, which means you must be paying attention to this speaker. First of all, I think your question itself is a bit problematic. No one can tell which smart speaker on the market has the best sound quality. And for something like sound quality, which is slightly metaphysical, the benevolent really see each other, and the wise see wisdom. He may not like the sound you like. So let’s not talk about whose sound quality is the best, but we can talk about whose sound quality is recognized by the industry and users.

I have experienced many smart speakers of all sizes on the market over the past few years. There are very few products that really impress me in terms of sound quality. Among them, Sonos products are what impressed me the most. The products of the Play series are not particularly large, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. That is, the first sound will make you like it.

Many people may not know much about Play:3, so let’s talk about this product. Compared with Play:1, this speaker is significantly larger in size and heavier. But in terms of size, there is no problem with the desktop (never mind the bedside table). The speaker has built-in three class D amplifiers and three special customized drivers to form a complete and open sound field so that it can make musical instruments and singing shine. At the same time, the brass radiator can burst out very strong bass.

What’s interesting is that, regardless of whether it is placed vertically or horizontally, the speakers will automatically optimize the sound effect according to the placement form. When it is placed horizontally, it will automatically generate a stereo. When placed vertically, it automatically switches to the mixing mode. Rubber pads on both sides ensure that it can be placed on any surface smoothly.

In general, if you need a smart speaker with excellent sound quality and an ample budget, I strongly recommend Play:3 to you. I hope this reply can be helpful to you.

Perhaps it is the “best listening” smart speaker. Sound quality has always been a strength of Sonos. Although Sonos does not advertise how good and HiFi the sound quality of its own speakers are in various places, the speakers produced by Sonos are almost always good and popular products when it comes to small wireless speakers. The overall tuning tends to be mid-bottom, which is more suitable for pop or jazz. It has the distinctive characteristics of typical “American” sound, rich atmosphere, excellent envelopment, listening resistance, and unrestrained momentum. The low-frequency energy source is endless, and the dive has a good depth. In addition to the sense of bursting energy, the low-frequency analysis is still in place. The mid-frequency vocals are dense and thick, and the position of the vocals is prominent and slightly stained; the high-frequency brightness is deliberately increased a bit, but the glitches are also modified, which can better show the details and sense of a picture. And for those who have certain requirements for the quality of life, SONOS ONE is a good choice.

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