Which smart speaker is better?

Most families nowadays have been affected by some intelligent factors. It is better to talk about the toilet. This is a good example. From the current point of view, there are many companies that may develop in the direction of smart speakers. The editor has recently seen it from the Internet and has learned a lot of experience on the Internet, so I will share it with you!

What are popular speakers?

For example, Mijia speakers, Baidu speakers, Tmall speakers, JD speakers, etc., let’s talk about relatively cheap speakers, they are Xiaomi Audio mini, Xiaodu speakers DH-01-A1, Dingdong mini2, wizard sugar cubes.


In terms of this price, the above speakers cost less than one hundred yuan. In fact, they are quite cheap. In this case, the price of the Xiao Ai mini is a bit higher, which requires one hundred and sixty-nine.

Wake-up language

Isn’t it unusual in this respect, because when we call them again, we will call them names Baidu, Mini, Xiaodu Xiaodu, Dingdong and other languages ​​to wake them up, it sounds very appropriate, mini It can also be set to a custom wake-up language? That Tmall speaker is a genie, and it doesn’t feel very good about the word, and it’s not very flattering.

Voice listening ability

In this regard, you must be accurate when speaking and pronunciation, it will also be affected by some distance and the size of the speaking voice. The quality of the environment is the most important thing. Xiao Ai entered the smart home earlier. After using it, the customer said that Xiao Ai is very smart and has the humorous ability and that Ding Dong is a practical recognition technology, its ability is stronger than other speakers, Xiao Du is also very good, the wizard can recognize Your voice pattern makes it more convenient to shop online!

In terms of sound quality

In terms of sound quality, the sugar cube is certified and licensed. It has a great advantage in this regard. Xiaodu will not be outdone. It is the best in terms of bass. In general, this speaker is a little expensive in terms of price, so I suggest you not consider buying this one.


This smart speaker is still very marketable in market competition. When people use it, they usually ask what the weather is like today and what the temperature is, to see if the traffic is smooth. On the one hand, they use it to listen. Listening to music, after all, the most important function is still in this aspect. The editor also pays attention to music resources. From the current point of view, the editor now thinks that NetEase Cloud Music and Kugou Music are better, QQ Music I rarely use it, only Xiami Music I have not used yet, but I still think the first two are better. Therefore, only Xiaoai and Kugou have access to music resources, and Fangtang has access to Xiami Music. I only know that Dingdong has been adjusted in the previous period, and there are not so many copyrights. Many people want to As for the return, it is not clear what will happen to him. Xiaodu and Xiaoai are still very good at listening to music. In addition, Xiaodu also has knowledge of parenting!

Internet of Things

In layman’s terms, it is shopping. Dingdong and sugar cubes have advantages in this respect. From the current point of view, there should be a large number of people who compare prices. If you say that people use speakers to buy things, there are still very few people.

Support home use

Xiao Ai is originally Mijia smart products, such as sweepers, speakers, TVs, air conditioners, etc., and the genie has a wide range of access to this product. He has hundreds of smart home platforms. , Xiaodu should also be good. As for the negative side of Dingdong, I haven’t studied it yet. In my opinion, I only know that there is little music. There is no battery in some other details in Xiaodu, but I didn’t see those, because Xiaodu is the main focus when choosing, but it’s pretty good when looking at him. It needs to be connected to the power supply when using it. This is the only thing he doesn’t Good place.

On the whole, they are still quite good, but the price is a little more expensive, except that Xiaodu needs to be connected to the power supply, which is not convenient. Besides, who will take it out without problems? Anyway, I hope they can continue to improve.

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