Why use a mechanical keyboard to play games?

Nowadays, many people who like to use computers to play games must know that there is a very useful keyboard called a mechanical keyboard, but the price of a mechanical keyboard is very expensive, usually many times that of an ordinary keyboard, but my friends know why the mechanical keyboard is so expensive? And do you guys know why mechanical keyboards are so good?

Today, I will tell you what is the difference between a mechanical keyboard and an ordinary keyboard!

Normal Keyboard

Difference 1: The difference between the key conflict problem

Anyone who has used ordinary keyboards knows that ordinary keyboards have key conflict problems. Because mechanical keyboards and ordinary keyboards have different structures, there are generally only 2 to 3 ordinary keyboards without key conflicts, but mechanical keyboards are different. Because of its special structure settings, there are generally at least six keys without key conflict problems and even some better mechanical keyboards. All cases have no key conflict problems. This is a general ordinary keyboard, which is incomparable. And catching up! In this way, it is normal for us to improve the function and feel when using a mechanical keyboard!

Mechanical Keyboard

Difference 2: Feel when using the keyboard

Because the mechanical keyboard has been scientifically determined and designed, when we press the keys of the mechanical keyboard, there is a non-proportional pressure change and a sense of paragraph, so that our fingers can get more feedback information, so we will feel using When using a mechanical keyboard, it is more comfortable than using a normal keyboard. This is why you usually don’t feel particularly tired when playing games with a mechanical keyboard. At the same time, the sense of passage when you keep pressing the mechanical keyboard also makes us feel very happy. There will even be a function for decompression and boredom. (Manually funny) The most important thing is that the mechanical keyboard is used for a long time, and its effect will not be weakened. This is an ordinary keyboard, and it is impossible to do it, because the ordinary keyboard may be used for a month, let alone a year. Broken, ah, even if the mechanical keyboard is used for 56 years or even ten years, she will not change a little! (Non-human destruction)

Mechanical Keyboard Design

Difference 3: The life of the keyboard

Remember that when we played games with an ordinary keyboard like this, the keyboard suddenly collapsed and all the keycaps were scattered. Don’t worry, this situation will not appear on the mechanical keyboard. The service life of the mechanical keyboard is 2 to 3 on average. Years, even more expensive, a better mechanical keyboard can reach a life span of ten years, but compared to the ordinary keyboard next door, it only has a life span of six months to one year. This is why we say mechanical keyboards are expensive? In fact, he is still expensive. After all, you get what you pay for! Then some friends will ask, the same is the keyboard, why the service life of the mechanical keyboard will be longer? In fact, the key shafts under the keycaps of the mechanical keyboard are made of special materials. The material durability of the general keyboard is different. Of course, the key shafts of the keyboard made of better materials will also make the keyboard performance and The feel is greatly improved, and of course, the price will rise rapidly. After all, good materials must be expensive!

The above is what Old Don’t want to explain to you today: why mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than ordinary keyboards, why you need to use mechanical keyboards to play games, and what is so good about mechanical keyboards… I don’t know if there is any help to friends!

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